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What is Legal Design Thinking?

Legal design thinking is the cross-discipline of Legal Thinking, Design Thinking, Visual Thinking and User Experience (UX) design. We use these disciplines to enhance the human friendliness of understanding and applying the law, since the law is meant to create order in society and make a peaceful living and working environment for everybody.

Design Thinking relates to the law since it focuses on improving the quality of people’s lives with services, experiences and products, which affects human behaviour. It uses empathy and design research techniques to elicit latent needs of people, in order to create new solutions, innovations and improvements of existing products and services. The main purpose of the different disciplines are these:

Legal Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking: Understanding human needs to design solutions that enhance the quality of peoples lives
  • Legal Thinking: Creating order in society and prevent & solve conflicts in a just way
  • Visual Thinking: Figuring out the relations within a complex story and visualize them, to brainstorm, create (shared) mental models and explain complex stories in an engaging way
  • User Experience Design: Create engaging online user experiences and meaningful solutions for websites and applications.

High level definition of Legal Design Thinking

Understanding the context and needs of people interacting with law and being able to apply improvements based on these insights to make justice accessible for everyone.

Subfocus of Visual Contracts, as an entry point to tackle legal accessibility challenges

At Visual Contracts, we focus on how to combine the different disciplines of legal thinking and design thinking. We use legal documents as a tangible entry point to understand the principles & restrictions (of relations of elements) within legal documents to bridge the gap between the legal world and laymen.

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