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Legal Design Thinkers

Exploring the impact of visual contracts - Final

30 August 2019. After half a year of hard work, I finally reach the day of graduation. The end of this thesis project culminates the two years journey of my master program at TU Delft. When I first arrived in Delft I could not even imagine how intense this journey was going to be, with ups and downs as I had never experienced before.

Do you fit with our team and mission?

We are looking for C-level team members. Do you fit with our team and mission?

Exploring the impact of visual contracts - Update

As you may have read in the previous post, my graduation project focuses on the exploration of the fairness of visual employment contracts. Right now, I have finalized my research phase and I have developed a visual prototype which I want to evaluate using the form below. However, first I would like to present some of the results of my research which led me to the creation of this prototype and the current test.

Exploring the impact of visual contracts

My name is Andrea Montella, I am an interaction design student at TUDelft. Currently, I am developing my master thesis project in collaboration with Visual Contracts with the aim of exploring which is the impact of visual contracts and how we could design fairer contracts for the employment context.

A human centered approach to the legal system

For Testing Time we wrote a guest blog called 'A human centered approach to the legal system'. You can find the article here.

It's time for our first Online MeetUp

It's time for our first online-meet up for 2019 and trust me it is one you do not want to miss out on.

Join our Hackaton and create employment contracts of the future

Visual Contracts organises a hackaton from 27-29 March, named 'Just Create'. During the Just Create hackaton we will co-create the employment contracts of the future! Following up on the work done during the ‘Design for Justice lab’ that we organised June 13 2018 together with HiiL and the World Justice Project.

Legal Design Thinking Network #4

Join us on the 12th of February for the fourth session of the Legal Design Thinking Network. Become involved and use your talents to increase accessibility of law.

Join our lecture at the Legal Hackers Monterry Meetup

Our founder Lieke Beelen is on a small sabbatical to Mexico. But she is certainly not the the standard kind of tourist. Allright, she is occasionally planning a day at the beach or visiting maya ruin (or doing some other holiday stuff). But in addition, she is still engaged in her passion for #LegalDesignThinking. She visits various initiatives (like Cooperative Graphica Oaxaca) and meets community members in real life. And so she speaks 14 February next during a meetup of Legal Hackers Monterrey.

Join us during the innovating justice forum

next week, Visual Contracts will be attending the Innovating Justice Forum, the only event in the world that brings together innovator, leaders of the justice sector, judges, lawyers, investors an entrepreneurs on making justice more user-friendly. We are happy to announce that we are hosting a free working session on Legal Design Thinking. And we are hoping to meet you there next week!

Follow our Legal Design Training on March 4

On March 4, we organise our introduction workshops to Legal Design Thinking, to get familiar with this new approach. We will focus this introduction on privacy and privacy statements, to really get hands-on with Legal Design Thinking. Within the community we will organize workshops and discussions on the broader application of Legal Design Thinking and discuss case studies. The topics will be related to human rights, since the mission of Visual Contracts is to bring the law closer to laymen, and empower people to practice their rights.

VC discussion board

Dear Community members, In this mural we are going to discuss the making off and ins and outs of designing a good visual contract. For starters we are going to take one of our own examples but if you would like to have your design or concept to get feedback on, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You get an email with the password to login to the mural.
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