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Legal Design Thinkers

Whitepaper 'Visual Employment Contracts'

To summarize what we have been working on in the past two years we have written this whitepaper to share our knowledge and insights on designing visual employment contracts.

You can download the whitepaper here.

4 Pillars towards legal empowerment

Today, 4th of May 2020 it's our 3rd birthday!

So it is a good moment to share with you that we are working hard on a redesign of our website, with in a later phase the launch of a beta-version of our visual-contract-builder!

In line with that we open our community now for free, so that you will get updated when we launch the new website and the beta-version of our visual-contract-builder.

Contracts for Results

Based on the framework of Steward Levine, we have created the template of 'Contracts for Results' that we now like to share with you to build sustainable relationships. You can download the template + guidelines here and we are looking forward to hear about your experiences with the template.

We are using the template currently to guide conversations before signing our visual employment contracts and collaboration contracts. How are you using the template? How can it be improved?

Visual Contracts' Monthly Meetups

During the course of time we have built up quite some experience with doing Legal Design Thinking and visual contracts projects with inhouse legal counsels and other professionals. We want to share our experience, invite experts in the Legal Design field and introduce you to the interesting topic of visual contracts and Legal Design Thinking.

LATAM co-creation project

A few weeks ago we started with the 'LATAM co-creation project' in which we are (re)designing a visual employment contract for the LATAM region. The community members that take part in this project are: Martha Peña from Colombia, José Rodriguez from El Salvador, Eduardo Montemayor from Mexico and Visual Contracts' founder Lieke Beelen from the Netherlands. In this blog you can follow the steps we took during the project and what we learned from it.

Through the looking glass

The adventures of a designer in legal land
Changing of the tides

A few years ago, I fell into this deep rabbit hole called legal and since then I’ve been trying to get a better understanding about what it is. I am a designer, a classical trained graphic designer to be precise. Trained in the visual arts and taught to think outside, inside and around the box. Or preferably deny the existence of the box and convince people that the box was never there to start with.

Exploring the impact of visual contracts - Final

30 August 2019. After half a year of hard work, I finally reach the day of graduation. The end of this thesis project culminates the two years journey of my master program at TU Delft. When I first arrived in Delft I could not even imagine how intense this journey was going to be, with ups and downs as I had never experienced before.

Do you fit with our team and mission?

We are looking for C-level team members. Do you fit with our team and mission?

Exploring the impact of visual contracts - Update

As you may have read in the previous post, my graduation project focuses on the exploration of the fairness of visual employment contracts. Right now, I have finalized my research phase and I have developed a visual prototype which I want to evaluate using the form below. However, first I would like to present some of the results of my research which led me to the creation of this prototype and the current test.

Exploring the impact of visual contracts

My name is Andrea Montella, I am an interaction design student at TUDelft. Currently, I am developing my master thesis project in collaboration with Visual Contracts with the aim of exploring which is the impact of visual contracts and how we could design fairer contracts for the employment context.

A human centered approach to the legal system

For Testing Time we wrote a guest blog called 'A human centered approach to the legal system'. You can find the article here.

It's time for our Online MeetUp

It's time for our first online-meet up for 2019 and trust me it is one you do not want to miss out on.

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