Legal Design Thinker

As a legal design thinker a visual contract can help you to position yourself in the market as a legal design thinker and offer new services. The benefits of using visual contracts are for example:

  • building sustainable relationships
  • creating a more strategic team by legal empowerment
  • embedding better compliance because of culture changes
  • increasing better cross collaboration between departments
  • Attracting and retaining customers and employees
  • Contribute to a social impact
  • Improve your brand image

And because of all the above:

  • Increase revenues
  • Reduce time and costs because preventing conflicts

Tell me more about the background of what a visual contract is and how you create this.

What we offer to you

The main services we offer relevant to you are our Academy and Community services.

With the Academy we offer legal design thinking training and materials to help get you started to become more skilled as a legal design thinker.

With the community you can connect to other like minded people, share knowledge and experience and cocreate with us in legal design and visual contracts projects.

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