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Legal Design Thinkers

Legal Geek wrap up & Meetup 30 October 2018

It has been only a few days after the Legal Geek and Legal Design Geek conference in London. I am still processing the overwhelming amount of people who cued up at the Visual Contracts stand at the Startup Alley. There was no ending to it and I had to leave the stand to take some breaks and spare my voice, which was great of course :D

We're one of the HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge finalists 2018!

We are very happy to announce that we are one of the finalists of the HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge finalists of 2018.

Our team: Chris Maxwell and our original founder Lieke Beelen applied for the challenge with the tool that they are developing to create automated visual legal documents. Gijs Esseling is supporting the team to get to the next phase.

Join our one-day Design for Justice Lab

Visual Contracts is organising – together with a wonderful team – a one-day Legal Design Event at the Border Sessions Tech Culture Festival, the Design for Justice Lab. During the Lab, the participants will take part in a Legal Design journey, learn how to use Legal Design Thinking to improve their skills and are part of innovating the employment sector.

Legal Hackaton Madrid

Last weekend, 17 - 19 November, Visual Contracts helped facilitate the Legal Hackaton of Instituto Innovación Legal in Madrid from a legal design perspective. It was an intense, fun and productive weekend with some great outcomes.

On Friday we had an introduction of Instituto Innovación Legal on the rules of #HackTheJustice, Everis on strategy and business development and Visual Contracts on some hands-on legal design skills.

What is Legal Design Thinking?

Maybe you have heard and read before about Legal Design Thinking. If you already exactly know what it is, how you can use it and what it can do for you(r business), stop reading. But if you’re curious and open-minded to learn more, this post is there for you. We will explain (our vision on) Legal Design Thinking in a clear, visual and easy to understand way.

Legal Design: Collaborating with Lawyers to lmprove Access to Justice

Last week we joined the Service Design Network Global Conference in Madrid. During the first day of this event (the membersday) the newest issue of Touchpoint was handed out. It is always a joy to receive this journal for Service Design. But this time it was even more special; we contributed to this edition.

Why Facebook should use Visual Contracts

Facebook has been hit with a €1.2m fine in Spain after the country's data watchdog found it broke privacy laws. Among other violations the regulator found Facebook had failed to inform users how their data would be used as it hoovered up the details of millions of people in Spain. It said Facebook had failed to educate users on how their personal information - including ideology, sex, religious beliefs, personal interests and browsing habits - would be used for advertising.

Introductie Nederlands Recht, visueel uitgelegd.

Wij willen de manier waarop aankomende juristen en advocaten worden opgeleid veranderen. Met dit crowdfund project vertalen we de complexiteit van ons rechtssysteem in duidelijke visuele taal. Zodat iedereen eenvoudig kan begrijpen hoe het Nederlands rechtsysteem in elkaar zit. Hiermee maken we het leven van huidige en toekomstige rechtenstudenten een stukje makkelijker en laten we ze laagdrempelig kennis maken met Legal Design Thinking (de skill die elke jurist - in de nabije toekomst – wil kennen).

Visual Contracts is shortlisted for the European Youth Award

We are proud to announce that we are short-listed for the European Youth Award (EYA). EYA is a pan-European contest to motivate young people, social entrepreneurs and start-ups to produce digital projects that will have an impact on society. Visual Contracts is short-listed in the Active Citizenship category. This confirms our believe: human friendly, transparent and easy to use and understand contracts do have a positive impact on active citizenship.

'Good faith in contract law' explained

Good faith in contract law

Good faith in contract law is not explained explicitly in most jurisdictions, for the purpose of being flexible in interpretation of the principle. The basic principles of good faith in contract law are:

Why using interactive visuals for your privacy statement? A suggestion for Coolblue.

  1. Legal is mainly perceived as a necessary evil, rather than a way to build sustainable relationships based on trust.
  2. Privacy is abstract & complex, but very important. It is easy to ignore since legal content is not integrated in web experience, which contributes to 'ostrich behavior'.
  3. Coolblue already puts in the effort to communicate (legal content amongst others) in an engaging way, using interactive visuals can even enhance this user friendly experience.

Experiment toolkit on Legal Design Thinking

Now available: A toolkit for lawyers to get familiar with Legal Design Thinking

€100,- excl. VAT

Get a sense of what Legal Design Thinking is by doing a 3 weeks experiment with our experiment toolkit. In those 3 weeks you will implement small experiments to your work, which only last 10 minutes (or more if you get excited) and get email or phone support by Lieke.

Experiment toolkit Legal Design Thinking

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