By co-creating and sharing knowledge we drive the change

In order to create a meaningful change in Access to Justice and innovating the legal sector still a lot has to be done. The key for this change is to collaborate with all sorts of people from different backgrounds. We need lawyers, designers, developers, business developers, academics, data analysts, consumers, citizens, employees from all backgrounds. Our community is here to help connect and share the knowledge in order to increase the movement of Legal Design Thinking and visual contracts.

why should you join us?

Take part in our co-creation projects

Spreading the movement of Legal Design Thinking and expanding our impact of legal empowerment

Promote yourself as a Legal Design Thinker and connect to new people that have the same interests as you have

Learn from the experience from others

Connect to like minded people and find the missing skill in your multidisciplinary Legal Design Thinking team

Why is it important to share knowledge?

To drive innovation in the legal field it is invaluable to involve a diverse group of people that bring in new perspectives, ideas, and moreover the user perspective of interacting with the law. Although more and more legal tech is developed and legal design thinking is in the rise, we believe there is still a lot to be done in order to create a real systemic change in order to make the justice system accessible to everyone.

Sharing knowledge and creating a mindset and culture shift are one of the key drivers for change. Design thinking and technology can help to pick up the ideas that elicit from new crossover collaborations and make them concrete to implement the change in order to make it sustainable and scalable.

Therefore, we invite you all, regardless of your discipline, expertise, age, level of education and other potential different factor, to join our community and share your experience and knowledge with legal design thinking, professional expertise and personal experience with the law and connect to likeminded people! If you would like to dive in into legal design thinking and creating visual contracts, take a look to our Monthly Meet-ups, check our blog or download the template of the contract for results on the Academy page.

the community

We distinguish three types of community members:

Legal Design Thinkers

What's their role?

Legal Design Thinkers join our community to share knowledge and experience in Legal Design Thinking and creating visual contracts and are here to also learn and connect with other like minded people. They connect with us to generate knowledge and improve our methodologies while they are learning from our co-creation projects.


Legal Design Thinkers can be people who followed our Academy trainings or materials, mainly lawyers, designers and developers. However anyone who is interested in learning about Legal Design Thinking can be part of the community and share their knowledge and experience.


What's their role?

Ambasssadors support Visual Contracts by promoting the visual contracts community and legal design thinking. By supporting us they help us increase the awareness in the legal and business sector of the existence and benefits of applying legal desgin thiinking and creating proactive visual contracts.

Who can be aN AMBASSADOR?

Ambassadors can be business owners, legal counsels, designers, HR managers, clients. Anyone who believes in Legal Desgin Thinking and is already familiar with our vision and approach.


What's their role?

Reviewers help us improve the quality of our designs and review the work that is created to validate: usability, accessibiltity, understandability, etc.

Who can be a reviewer?

Reviewers can be citizens, consumers, employees and professionals. Anyone who is interested to support Visual Contracts in their mission to create legal empowerment and Access to Justice can be a reviewer since we are all part of the legal system.

our featured co-creators

some of our co-creations

latam project

As part of our community we organise co-creation projects that create showcases of visual contracts to give our Legal Design Thinkers the opportunity to increase their skills and experience in applying Legal Design Thinking and creating visual contracts.

In 2019 we started on a co-creation project to create visual employment contracts for security guards in the LATAM region. We followed a Legal Design Thinking approach in a remote setting. Read further if you'd like to know more details on the process of our co-creation project.

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