Finalist at HiiL 2018

We are very happy to announce that we are one of the finalists of the HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge finalists of 2018.

August 30, 2020

We're one of the HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge finalists 2018!

We are very happy to announce that we are one of the finalists of the HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge finalists of 2018.

Our team: Chris Maxwell and our original founder Lieke Beelen applied for the challenge with the tool that they are developing to create automated visual legal documents. Gijs Esseling is supporting the team to get to the next phase.

We are currently in developing phase, doing prototyping and testing to create a flexible and user friendly tool to build employment relationships in a transparent way that contributes to sustainable employability. We're working from the philosophy that if you use understandable and engaging (visual ;)) legal documents that are setup from an enjoyable experience, we contribute to access to justice for citizens, employees, employers, government, lawyers and from a systems perspective. Starting from creating empathy for the (end-)user and connect and develop the technology necessary to reach more efficiency in the process to reach positive (and more equal) employment relationships that lead to quality of life and productivity.

Call for employers/ launching customers
If you as an employer are interested in being a pioneer in using user friendly employment contracts (and want to learn about legal design thinking) reach out to

One of our partners is Johan who setup a platform for employers who offer sustainable employability tools and programs to their employees. Employees remain owner of their personal data, keepng personal data safe and secure. The platform is designed from a privacy by design and privacy by default principle.

Lieke Beelen
founder Visual Contracts

Lieke has a background in Industrial Design Engineering in Delft (MSc in Design for Interaction). Since 2015 she has been working in the legal innovation field, starting off with a project to make the privacy statement of Facebook more accessible and understandable, using a design thinking approach (Go to prototype). In this project she has been working 1-on-1 with a lawyer for a year. After the project finished she has implemented her insights in setting up her legal design thinking business, first under the name Juridux and in June 2017 she launched where she further researched and improved the approach of legal design thinking. She built her network in the legal innovation field, mainly across The Netherlands, Europe and Latin America. She likes latin (jazz) music: making (flute and cajon), listening and dancing (salsa, bachata, merengue, kizomba), among other nerdy creative and tech stuff.

Chris Maxwell

Chris has a bachelor degrees in Mathematics and Physics (separate degrees). He has experience in running national projects with government and corporate sponsorship which include Jaguar Land Rover's corporate social responsibility. To fund his university studies he started a student cafe which employed 15 people part time and ran successfully for 4 years until completion of his 1st degree. He spent 5 years working for Project Bloodhound where he started a project to teach schools science and mathematics workshops before moving to Cisco Amsterdam. He is currently a Systems Engineer based in Amsterdam focusing on cybersecurity. And he enjoys hiking and swimming :)

Gijs Esseling

Gijs is a financial expert with a CPA degree. He is experienced with helping startups on a financial and strategic level to the next phase, both from a CFO role as a mentor role. He has been involved with restructures and funding rounds for multiple startups, but also for larger corporations (such as TomTom, KPN, Achmea). Gijs has made it his goal to help as much as possible startups to the scale-up phase.

Do you have any ideas, questions or feedback you'd like to share with us? Drop us a line via, message us on LinkedIn or Twitter (@LegalDT).