Doing things different in legal

February 28, 2024

Are you a legal counsel with a hang to do things differently? And making legal content more accessible for people like me?

You know where I am coming from, I have a background in Industrial Design Engineering, I also had a huge distance to the law. If I talk to fellow designers or developers in my network these days, I still often hear them saying that they don’t see the point of all these rules and complexity in legal compliance. They often just don’t want to deal with it and let you as a legal counsel fix it. While some of these things are not even that complex right? It is just if the content is presented in a very complex way, people tend not to engage with it or act in the way you need it. Is that still happening for you?

In the past 9 years I have been working with a lot of different lawyers in all sorts of organizations who just like you wanted to do things differently. Like using visualization, design, plain language, and of course AI nowadays. Nevertheless navigating the #contractdesign process, especially if you’re trying to take things up on your own, can be rather challenging and may not lead to the results you’d like to see.

And therefore in my new free training, I’m taking you along with some first few steps in contract design. And if you’re the right match for Visual Contracts, we can explore working together.
But for now, sign up to watch the free training here!
See you there.
Lieke - Founder/CEO Visual Contracts