Creating impact with visual employment contracts.

How fairness and transparency can empower people, and help build sustainable working relationships

June 24, 2021

Creating impact with visual employment contracts.

How fairness and transparency can empower people, and help build sustainable working relationships

Catalyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

We, at Visual Contracts, would like to be seen as one of the catalysts that set in motion a change in the world of employment contracts - transforming and innovating. Empowering people, in order to build sustainable working relationships right from the start. We look at how fairness and transparency contribute to such a relationship. What impact this has on a personal, organizational, institutional and societal level. It’s our theory of change. Our approach is human centered. Putting both employee and employer at the center.

For your security, and also that of your future employees, it is a legal requirement that everything you have agreed on, is put down in a contract. A contract that is legally binding. A contract that needs to reflect your business objectives, as well as what you and your future employees are expecting from each other. A document that is of mutual benefit to both parties.

However, most contracts consist of a lot of words. A lot of legal words. Words that are not always understood by everyone. Still we expect our employees to commit to this document, by asking them to sign and agree to everything that is said in it.

Not the most ideal set up for a sustainable working relationship. Let’s have a look at why we think visual employment contracts can contribute to a sustainable and fair working relationship through a more human centered approach - empowering all stakeholders.

About impact

We feel that great working relationships will have impact on a personal, organizational, institutional and societal level.

By engaging people, right from the start, and offering them a visual employment contract that is accessible on all levels - irrespective of background, culture or education, you will enable them to use the law to protect and advance their rights.

Also, we see that by making employment contracts more accessible and transparent, it will help improve working relationships. Because it will start conversations that do not necessarily happen when offering a more traditional contract. These conversations will help build trust, and form the basis of a sustainable relationship. This can only help grow your business.

We’re not just talking business here. By enabling employees to access the law - the legal system - more easily, it will have a positive impact on the legal system as a whole. Making it more human centered. Visual employment contracts can help transform and innovate this process.

And last but not least, all of the above will have a positive impact on society. It should help create a more equal, inclusive and just world.

If you’d like to read more about how Visual Contracts make impact on these four levels, have a look here.

How we can help your organization

Let’s talk you through how we can help organizations create impactful working relationships.


When organizations have a culture that offers transparency on every level, this often results in a more collaborative relationship between employer and employee. An employment contract is right at the start of such a relationship. Offering transparency within a contract will enable employees to understand what is expected from them and vice versa - right from the start. This empowers employees. By offering them a more active role in understanding and putting together their own employment contract.


Another important pillar for understanding and agreeing to an employment contract is the level of fairness within a contract, with regards to the working relationship. But what does fairness actually mean? In our view it means having the possibility to express your concerns, and discuss your needs. Being treated with respect and dignity. To actively engage with the company. Because fair treatment will encourage employees to collaborate, to work together on common goals. Not only focusing on individual gain. Employees are engaged to actively contribute, and, ultimately, help grow the business.

Why offer transparency and fairness in an employment contract?

As mentioned earlier, a traditional employment contract is complex, and hard to understand due to the legal jargon used. It is, therefore, essential that the legal awareness of employees is raised. We can do this by making an employment contract, including all its terms and conditions, easier to understand, and, therefore, more accessible. This will empower employees.

‘If you do not know your rights, you cannot claim them.’

A visual employment contract does just that. It offers the terms and agreements in an engaging way, making it understandable. Making employees aware of their legal rights and requirements. Involving them right from the beginning of the working relationship. Empowering employees, as well as employers. Creating an equal balance of power. Transforming an employment contract into a human centered document.

Transparency and fairness will contribute to a more positive employee experience. This will enhance productivity, and contribute to business growth.

A virtuous circle: Happy employees = happy business = better quality of life = flourishing society (vice versa)

Why are visual employment contracts important?

The world is changing. It is becoming more and more digital, and visual. Also, the way we work is changing. Flexibility is key.

Employment law is an essential part of setting up an employment contract. However, it is traditional and complex. Therefore, not always sitting comfortably within these new modern ways of working. Visual employment contracts can help make employment law understandable in an engaging way. Irrespective of the level of education, any learning disabilities, individual backgrounds and cultures. It allows for different ways of processing information.

Visual employment contracts address the way the world is changing. By translating employment law into an easy to understand (visual) language. Empowering both employers and employees.

In a nutshell

In general, aesthetics help improve understandability. However, visual employment contracts are about more than understandability and aesthetics. They also help improve fairness and transparency at the start of a working relationship. Ultimately, contributing to a positive personal working experience. By offering an easy overview - a hierarchy of information - in plain language, and supported by visualizations: making the terms and conditions of their employment more accessible. A great start to a sustainable working relationship.

Lieke Beelen - founder of Visual Contracts: ‘I have always had a keen interest in learning. In overcoming obstacles. Studying at the TU Delft (Technical University Delft), and becoming an Industrial Design Engineer tapped right into my learning and creative mindset. It also improved my analytical skills. It was during an internship that I discovered how visualization helps make complexity and abstract concepts more understandable. Including my own complex and abstract way of thinking.
Having acquired these new skills, combined with my creativity, I am passionate to contribute to stimulating social progress, and enriching people’s lives with new and/or better products and services. Having dyslexia and ADHD has only made me more driven. Feeling engaged and able to understand legal complexities has empowered me in finding a place in society. Rather than being overwhelmed by it all.
That’s why it is our mission to make millions of people as empowered as myself: by making employment contracts understandable and user-friendly. Regardless of background, culture, disability or level of literacy.’

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