The learning journey of Legal Design

After observing many lawyers and other people who start working in the Legal Design field, we observed several phases that you go through. We used this learning curve to provide the tools that support you to get through the different phases. From observer until ninja Legal Designer.

December 7, 2020

Over the course of the years in helping other professionals (mainly lawyers and designers) to get started in the legal design thinking field and creating visual contracts we have mapped several phases of which most people go through while they learn the skills of legal design thinking. That being said, when we take the traditional lawyer in mind who gets started in the legal design field, the main take-away is that they go through a mindset shift from a traditional mindset up until an ecosystemic mindset after applying and practicing more and more techniques. You can read more about this mindset shift in detail in this paper.

In the image below you see the main stages of this mindset change. When you go through our Academy material, we suggest taking into account at which stage you are at (be honest to yourself) so that if you feel it is hard and complicated, you know it might be due to the stage that you are in and that there just is a learning curve. While lawyers are used to learn from books and learning regulations and court verdicts, legal design is best learned by applying and doing it. Nevertheless, we help you with our materials to offer you just the right amount of information and tools to overcome the barriers in each stage. And in the meantime, we will work on improving our materials so we can help you in a more customized user experience flow.

Explore the different phases of the learning journey here: