Legal Design Thinking Network Event #4

September 7, 2020

Legal Design Thinking Network #4

Join us on the 12th of February for the fourth session of the Legal Design Thinking Network. Become involved and use your talents to increase accessibility of law.

We have a great program:

  1. Information Designer Kate Snow: discusses what makes the creative process and stakeholder management different in the legal sector.
  2. Policy advisor Jeanette van der Kloet of Ministery of Justice and Security: Redesign financial tickets for citizens with debts.
  3. Researcher of Hill, Justice innovation: Research justice satisfaction and needs of citizens to increase innovation.
  4. Strategic advisor Saskia Tempelman of Ministery of Justice and Security: movement within Ministry to strengthen social connection and trust, and to deal better with dividing lines and polarization.
  5. Lawyer Anna Posthumus Meyjes: The law as crucial stakeholder in legal design.

Legal Design Thinking is an upcoming new discipline worldwide with the goal of improving access to justice in a human centered way. With this network we aim to further spread, develop and apply this mindset and (solve) justice problems, share knowledge and experience in Legal Design Thinking projects and showcase our work.

The last sessions was accessibility of law from universities and applied universities point of view. We had a lot of positive feedback and new network members! Everyone with an interest in solving justice problems and/or a background in legal, tech, design or the public sector is invited to join the conversation.


18:30 - 19:00 Walkin
19:00 - 19:15 Introduction
19:15 – 20:55 Interactive talks and brainstorm
20:55 - 21:00 Closing
21:00 - Drinks & networking

Get introduced with new way of thinking in the legal field and talk to like-minded people in our Legal Design Thinking network. We close the session with informal drink!

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