Want to share your project or story?

Showcase your Legal Design Thinking projects.

Do you want to showcase your Legal Design Thinking projects? Visual Contracts invites their community members to share their stories and projects on applying Legal Design Thinking. We spread and develop the Legal Design Thinking approach best if we learn about each others experiences. What are the main painpoints you run into when implementing Legal Design Thinking? What are best practices? Let us know and send an abstract of your project or article to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Only projects created by members will be selected on the following criteria:

  • It has social impact: it makes law more understandable or improves (the perception of) justice and is relevant for a larger group of people.
  • It matches current UX/service design standards and/or is highly visual.
  • It showcases (a part) of the design process.