Join our Hackaton and create employment contracts of the future

Visual Contracts organises a hackaton from 27-29 March, named 'Just Create'. During the Just Create hackaton we will co-create the employment contracts of the future! Following up on the work done during the ‘Design for Justice lab’ that we organised June 13 2018 together with HiiL and the World Justice Project.

We are looking forward to see you (again) in the Just Create hackaton! On the next pages you will find the information on what we are going to do during the hackaton and how you can participate or contribute.

We are currently looking for sponsors and other collaborators in order to finalise the program. The event starts with a closed day for (potential) launching customers of Visual Contracts who want to explore the opportunities of automating visual contracts.

In the other two days participants will answer the following questions in teams by prototyping and testing new concepts:

For organisations:
• What should an employment contract of the future contain and look like?
• How could visual contracting, sustainable employability, preventive lawyering and to preventing the most pressing disputes in employment law?
• How could you build a sustainable relationship between an employer and employee while preventing most employment disputes?

For law firms and judiciary bodies:
• How does a claim look like when visual contracts are used?
• How does visualisation plays a role?
• How do legal processes change with the use of visuals

Join the hackaton

Everyone with an interest in solving justice problems and/or a background in legal, tech, design or the public sector is invited to join the Just Create hackaton. Justice problems need new input from different viewpoints and disciplines outside of the legal field, to be able to create impactful innovative solutions. Since we aim for the highest quality outcomes, we will be selecting participants and sponsors. Underneath you find different ways to be involved. See the attached PDF-document for full information or reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to apply as sponsor, participant or tester.