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Gemma Juarez

Gemma Juarez

Im a young lawyer passionate about legal technology and innovation. Im currently studying a masters degree in Information Technology Management. I have worked in IP for sometime now. Im the chapter leader of Legal Hackers Monterrey.

I have always been a very creative, open-minded, possibility-driven kind of person. During law school, many of my fellow classmates continuously teased me that I was not going to be a practicing lawyer because of my non-traditional approach at law.

Discovering legal technology and innovation, particularly design thinking and user experience design and how it can improve the law and the delivery of legal services was a mind blowing moment for me. It all made sense, and it aligned perfectly with who I am and my approach at life.

Being a Legal Design Thinker allows me to be as a lawyer and professional the best version of myself. To work on improving the experience with the law and the legal procedures into a justice friendly experience. The law is for everyone, so everyone should be able to understand it. I´d apply the Legal Design Thinking in three ways: at my work, in the Legal Hackers events and through consulting, helping other lawyers join the human-centered, creative problem-solving approach.