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Legal Design Thinkers

Legal Geek wrap up & Meetup 30 October 2018

It has been only a few days after the Legal Geek and Legal Design Geek conference in London. I am still processing the overwhelming amount of people who cued up at the Visual Contracts stand at the Startup Alley. There was no ending to it and I had to leave the stand to take some breaks and spare my voice, which was great of course :D

At the stand I talked to people who were intrigued with what was behind the all revealing name of Visual Contracts. I am really curious if the things that I explained about the tool that we are developing were clear and relevant to you. In those short pitches I roughly explained what the tool that we are building will do and I tried to address all the questions you had about it or on Legal Design Thinking, nevertheless, I'm sure you'd like to know more.

This year Jimmy, the founder of Legal Geek, decided to also organise a Legal 'Design' Geek day. There I had the opportunity to talk about my why and how I ended up in the legal field as an Industrial Design Engineer. This story will be published online in our community soon - with a background on how our brain is wired for both creative and analytical thinking: a perfect combination for Legal Design Thinking (and especially for those brains like mine - which are more divergent).

Since Chris (co-founder Visual Contracts) and I would like to answer all your questions on Legal Design Thinking, Visual Contracts and the tool that we are building, we organise an online meetup on the 30th of October to talk to you all with less distractions! During the conference day 27 people signed up to be reminded for the meetup (this reminder will arrive soon ;)).

Will you be there too on 30 October 2018?
This is what we are going to discuss in the online meetup:

  • Your questions on Legal Design Thinking and Visual Contracts
  • Discussion on how to visualize legal documents (share your experience/expertise)
  • Opportunities for collaboration (working with us to implement, test and optimize visual contracts)

Looking forward to see you all on October 30th 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM CEST!
Founder of Visual Contracts

Have specific topics or questions to address during the online meetup?

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