Netflix for Legal Design Thinkers

A small list of learning materials to make the inner legal design thinker in you scream for joy!

August 29, 2020

Netflix for Legal Design Thinkers

A small list of learningmaterials to make the inner legal design thinker in you scream for joy!

Visual Thinking

  • Denis Potemkin »»
  • Learning Graphic Facilitation Bigger picture video »»
  • Napkin Academy Dan Roam »»
  • Doodler, unite! Sunni Brown »»
  • Visual Thinking Basics »»

Functions of the brain/ different minds/minds eye

  • STROKE of insight Jill Bolte Taylor »»
  • The world needs all kinds of minds Temple Gradin »»
  • [Y]Our Mind's Eye Al Seckel »»
  • Feats of memory anyone can do Joshua Foer »»
  • What hallucination revears about our minds Oliver Sacks »»
  • 4 lessons in creativity Julie Burstein »»

Legal innovation

  • Law By Design: Creative Approaches to Legal Services Margaret Hagan »»
  • Let's simplify legal jargon! Alan Siegel »»
  • Four ways to fix a broken legal system Philip K. Howard »»
  • How jails extort the poor Salil Dudani »»
  • The world’s first AI legal assistant Andrew Arruda »»
  • Laws that choke creativity Lawrence Lessing »»
  • The right to understand Sandra Fisher-Martins »»
  • How to practice sage sexting Amy Adele Hasinoff »»
  • The ethics of collecting data Marie Wallace »»
  • Relnvent Law Channel »»

Service design & human centered design

  • What is the Value of Service Design? Nile HQ »»
  • Introduction to Human-Centered Design Acumen academy »»

Prototyping & design research

  • What is Human-Centered Design? »»
  • Methods »»


  • Brené Brown on Empathy »»

Disruptive thinking

  • 5 ways to harness the power of disruptive thinking Karima Mariama-Arthur »»

Democracy/ legal system
How to exploit democracy? Laura Galante »»
What s the right thing to do? Michael Sandel »»

Books and papers

  • Law by Design Margaret Hagan »»
  • Next Generation Contracts: A Paradigm Shift Helena Haapio
  • Cooperation Through Clarity: Designing simplified contracts »»
  • Legal design patterns towards a new language for legal information design »»
  • Promoting Business Success Through Contract Visualization Gerlinde Berger and others
  • Crear o morir Andrés Opennheimer
  • Generación de modelos de negocios Alexander Osterwalder y otros
  • The Innovator´s method Nathan Furr and Jeff Dyer
  • El método Lean Startup Eric Ries
  • The mom test Rob Fitzpatrick
  • This is service design thinking Marc Stickdorn and others
  • Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems & Test New Ideas in Just Five Days Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz »»